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Megan Fox’s Stylist Reveals How To Get The Wet Hair Look

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Let’s dive into the dazzling world of celebrity-inspired hairstyles as we unveil the step-by-step techniques to achieving Megan Fox’s sultry wet hair look, as revealed by her stylist. Now, prepare to channel your inner vixen and turn heads with this hairstyle that exudes confidence.

1. Start With Clean, Dry Hair

Contrary to popular belief, Megan Fox’s sultry wet hairstyle starts with dry hair. The aim is to give your hair the illusion of being wet without wetting it. 

2. Create Mermaid Waves

To create the perfect base for this style, brush your hair to remove tangles or knots. Then, create loose mermaid waves with a curling iron or a wand. This will give your hair Megan Fox’s effortlessly seductive texture. Remember to curl random strands of hair in different directions for a more natural look.

3. Use a Generous Amount of Hair Oil

Hair oil is the secret sauce to getting Megan Fox’s wet-hair look. Apply a generous amount of hair oil to your locks. Begin with the mid-lengths and work your way to the ends, avoiding the roots. This will give your hair a glossy, wet look while providing nourishment and luster.

TikTok Hair Oil Recommendation: Living Proof No Frizz Vanishing Oil

4. Distribute and Define

Use your fingers or a wide-toothed comb to distribute the hair oil throughout your hair. This ensures the product is evenly distributed so your hair will have that beautiful, wet look. Take your time and enjoy the process since this is where the magic occurs.

5. Set the Look

Lock in your wet hairstyle with a lightweight hairspray to guarantee it lasts all day. Choose a hairspray with a flexible hold that will not weigh your hair down or make it seem rigid. Allow your hair to dry after lightly misting it from the mid-lengths to the ends.


You now know the secret behind Megan Fox’s sultry wet hair look. With these step-by-step techniques and product recommendations, you’ll be able to slay this iconic look. Embrace your confidence, exude allure, and let your inner femme fatale shine!

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