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Why Summit Salon Academy Chose Qnity: Empowering Portland’s Beauty Students With The Best Financial Literacy Program

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We at Summit Salon Academy believe in the power of education. Not just in the technical skills required for a successful career in the beauty industry but also in the financial literacy that empowers our students to navigate their professional journey with confidence, and that is why we’ve chosen to partner with Qnity, a leader in financial literacy education tailored specifically for beauty and wellness professionals.

Why We Chose Qnity

Our decision to partner with Qnity was driven by a shared vision and commitment to elevate the professionalism of beauty and wellness professionals. As Erin Kuhn, the President of Qnity, explains, Qnity aims to “elevate the professionalism of beauty and wellness professionals, and the best way to do that is to give them the most important training they need to understand money and their craft before they enter the workforce.”

Money by Qnity is a unique-kind financial literacy program created particularly for beauty and wellness professionals. It’s a money class, not a math class, that follows a principle of “simple, visual, and approachable” for all types of learners. This approach aligns perfectly with our mission to provide a comprehensive education that prepares our students for real-world success.

The Shared Values and Goals

At the heart of our partnership with Qnity is a shared commitment to empowering our students with the financial skills they need to thrive in their careers. Qnity’s program is designed to help students understand their compensation, what it means to own a business, and how to manage a profit and loss statement. This aligns with our goal at Summit Salon Academy of Portland to provide our students with a well-rounded education that goes beyond technical skills.

Qnity's Impact On Our Students

Our partnership with Qnity has had a profound impact on our students in several ways:

1. Increased Financial Confidence

As Erin points out, “the average student rating themselves as a 5/10 in financial confidence before MONEY EDU, and an 8/10 after.” This boost in confidence equips our students to make informed financial decisions as they embark on their professional journey in the beauty and wellness industry.

2. Enhanced Understanding of Compensation Structures

The Qnity program helps our students understand different types of compensation structures in the beauty industry, enabling them to make informed decisions when choosing their first job.

3. Empowerment to Navigate the Financial Aspects of the Beauty Industry

By providing our students with a comprehensive understanding of financial literacy, we’re empowering them to navigate the financial aspects of the beauty industry with confidence and ease.

4. Valuing Their Profession

We instill in our students the understanding that a career in the beauty and wellness industry is not just a hobby but a profession that can provide a livelihood. We teach them to value their work and their worth and how to price their services accordingly. This mindset, coupled with the financial education in beauty school through the Qnity program, equips our students to approach their careers with a professional mindset and the confidence to advocate for their worth. Enabling them to continue to grow in the industry.

5. Career Longevity

Financial literacy contributes to career longevity. With a solid understanding of financial concepts, our students are better equipped to manage their income, plan for the future, and make decisions that contribute to a long and successful career in the beauty industry.

Our Commitment To Financial Literacy

Our commitment to financial literacy is unwavering. We believe that a comprehensive understanding of financial literacy is just as important as mastering the technical skills required in the beauty industry. By partnering with Qnity, we’re equipping our students with the financial skills they need to navigate their professional journey with confidence and success.

As we strive for excellence in cosmetology education, we’re proud to offer our students the opportunity to learn from the best in the industry. We’re not just a beauty school; we’re a community committed to empowering our students to reach their full potential in the beauty industry.


Are you interested in the beauty industry? Ready to start your journey with a comprehensive education that prepares you for real-world success? Enroll now at Portland’s best beauty school, Summit Salon Academy of Portland, by clicking here.



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