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Make-up Tips For Zoom Meetings

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Are you ready to slay your next Zoom call? With remote work and virtual events becoming more common, looking your best on video calls is the trend.

So let’s get you looking and feeling your best with these makeup tips for Zoom!


Tip 1: Light it up

  • Natural light is your friend, so position yourself near a window if possible. If not, invest in a ring light for even, flattering lighting.

Tip 2: Prep your canvas

  • Begin with clean, moisturized skin and a primer to create a smooth base for your makeup.

Tip 3: Less is more

  • Choose a natural, fresh-faced look. A video call does not require you to go full glam.

Tip 4: Say goodbye to shine

  • To control excess oil, use a mattifying primer, powder, or blotting paper.

Tip 5: Conceal like a pro

  • Conceal any under-eye circles or blemishes with concealer.

Tip 6: Define those brows

  • Groomed brows frame your face and give you a polished look. Fill them in with brow gel or a pencil.

Tip 7: Add a pop of color

  • A touch of blush or bronzer can help you look healthy and glowing.

Tip 8: Don’t forget the eyes

  • Use a neutral eyeshadow or eyeliner to draw attention to your upper lash line. Mascara will also draw attention to your eyes.

Tip 9: Keep it natural

  • Use nude or light pink lipstick or gloss.

Tip 10: Dress for success

  • While makeup is important, your appearance also influences how you are perceived during a video call. Dress professionally and avoid distracting patterns.

So there you have it, ten makeup tips for looking your best on Zoom calls! 

Remember that the most important thing is that you feel confident and at ease in your own skin. You’ve got this, whether you’re working from home or attending a virtual event! 

Want to slay your makeup game like a pro? Get more information here: Summit Salon Academy Portland Admissions

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