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Finding the Right Cosmetology School for You

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The first step would be to determine what you want to go to school for, whether it be hair design, barbering, esthetics, or nails. Next you’ll want to research and tour schools in your area that will best fit your needs.  Each school will provide a different environment so it’s important to tour the school before making your final decision. 


Here are a few questions I’ve found are helpful to ask while on a tour – 


What’s the schedule like?

How long is the program?

Do they accept financial aid? What does that process look like?

Is the school accredited?*

What’s covered in the course?

What kind of support is available for testing? Post graduation/licensure? 

Do they assist with job placement?

Are there opportunities for other certifications in the school?


Regardless of what cosmetology school you decide to enroll in, make sure to enjoy the research process and touring experiences. 


Interested in touring Summit Salon Academy PDX? Click the link below to book a tour.


* Accredited schools can offer financial aid and are required to meet certain standards met by an accrediting agency set to benefit educational needs for licensure. These types of schools are more readily recognized by employers for educational standards.


Non-accredited schools cannot offer financial aid and aren’t required to meet any specific education standards. Non-accredited schools are best for self learners. 

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