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Opportunities as an Esthetician

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Esthetics is the study of all things skin related, whether that be skin care, waxing, or temporary enhancements like lash extensions and makeup. As you go through both your school program and work life you’ll find what sparks your interest the most. 

If skin care interests you, there are opportunities for more licensure. With the advanced esthetics license you can work with lasers, IPL, micro-needling, tattoo removal, etc. While we don’t offer an advanced course we do have the standard esthetics course which you need in order to take the advanced course. At Summit the esthetics course covers facials, waxing, and makeup. 

Even if you are only interested in a license in hair design, taking the esthetics course can benefit you greatly. Offering smaller waxes as an add on to your services is an easy way to boost your income. Makeup is another way to boost your service dollar amount, especially if you are interested in weddings. Being able to do both makes you more money and puts less stress on your clients on their big day.  Offering lash extensions allows you to keep good variety in your day and often lash clients can convert to both lash and hair clients. Trust me, an esthetician license is worth it!

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