Four Generations ago, the first Huffstutter started their career in a Beauty Shop. Here we share the story of some Huffstutters who have dedicated their life to the beauty industry. You can become part of this beauty revolution too! Here is the story from the Great Depression till now!

She started it all for us, our story starts with great grandmother Viola. She started the family beauty revolution 4 generations ago! Pictured here she and our Grandfather Kermit “Huff” who Viola encouraged to get his hair license. Her grandson Vince Huffstutter, who you will meet later is fond of saying “she made more than a doctor during the great depression.” Pictured here you can also see Viola’s first business card. She is a great example of the opportunities a career in the beauty industry offers to people of all ages.

Pictured here is Grandpa Kermit Huffstutter best known as “Huff” standing with a 5-minute hair dryer. Huff graduated from Franklin High in 1931 and went on to Western Beauty College with encouragement from Great Grandmother Viola. In 1936, he transitioned from styling hair to the beauty supply industry. In 1954, Grandpa Kermit purchased Jacob Miller Barber & Beauty Supply. He was later inducted into the Oregon Cosmetology Hall of Fame. Leaving behind a legacy and wonderful career helping salon owners and stylists achieve their dreams, Viola & Huff would be overjoyed to see their great grandchildren following in the family tradition through educating the cosmetologists of tomorrow. Fun facts – perms were only $2.00 when Huff started doing hair and as a traveling salesman he drove well over a million miles in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s!

Luke Huffstutter graduated from the University of Oregon in 2005 and while applying for graduate school (wanting to be a high school history teacher) Vince sat him down and proposed that they buy a salon together and get the family back into business. Here Luke is pictured at a salon team meeting. He couldn’t pass up an opportunity to work with his dad and re-create the family business. We adopted The Summit Salon business practices and have built a flourishing company made up of an incredible team. Vince always said in the beauty industry dreams come true. Well, this is a dream life and we are so grateful to all those who have paved the way before us.

Vince Huffstutter purchased Jacob Miller Barber and Beauty Supply from his Parents Kermit and Mildred in 1976. Those who know Vince, know what a wonderful person and business owner he’s been over the years. His infectious smile, humble attitude, and dogged work ethic drove his parents company to a new level of success. Staying true to his father’s vision, Jacob Miller was a family business. Five of Vince’s children started their careers with entry level positions at Jacob Miller. Vince and his family led the company according to their family values – work hard to build those around you, and the industry will grow because of it. In 1999 Vince sold Jacob Miller to John Maly. Pictured here on the left is Vince and Kermit with a Redken rep. On the right, you see Vince celebrating his success with Paula Kent Mehan, founder of Redken, in Vegas.

The Beauty Revolution can’t stop and we are pleased to invite you to become part of ours! We have partnered with The Summit Salon Business Center once again. The Summit’s commitment to growing people for a living will be a foundation for our family to bring all it’s resources to the school’s growth and success. We are enrolling students now who want more than a job because in the beauty industry DREAMS DO COME TRUE! In this photo you can see Chris, Luke, and Vince last month when they bought the school.

Phagans Salon Academy is being led by Chris Huffstutter who is available for any questions. Please feel free to reach out to him at 503-639-6106 or