Skin Care Basics for Young Adults

Teenage skin is, by nature, prone to a number of serious issues such as excessive oil, blackheads, and acne. As you deal with these issues, you should be able to discover the type of skin-care to use. After all, you need to understand your skin type for you to take good care of it. At Summit Salon Academy a Portland Beauty School, we know all about skin care, no matter the age group you belong to. In this write-up, we shall discuss the skin care basics for younger adults.

Just How Do You Determine Your Skin Type?

Before we show you how to take good care of your skin, let’s first discuss how to discover your skin type. That’s because what you do to a dry skin may not work very well on an oily skin. The following are the common skin types:

  • Normal skin. Any skin that’s smooth and soft in texture falls under this category. It usually has no patches or blemishes and has tight pores. As for the skin surface, it is neither dry nor greasy. That’s due to the perfect balance that exists between the oil production and the water content. Also, the flow of blood in and out of the skin is good. People with normal skin need to prevent over-drying by using a mild, non-alcoholic cleanser.
  • Oily skin. If your skin is shiny and is always showing signs of whiteheads, blackheads, pimples, and acne, then it falls in this category. Apart from the pores being open, the skin usually has excess sebum. As a teenager, you are experiencing hormonal imbalance making your oily skin appear worse-off than the rest. Also, stress of all kinds can cause frequent breakouts in your skin. At Summit Salon Academy, we advise people with oily skin to use water and soap to clean their face three times a day. You may also have to carry cleansing pads and use non-comedogenic products.
  • Dry skin. Skin that’s dull, flaky, rough, and itchy falls in this category. Apart from the pores being invisible, the skin’s outer layer is prone to abnormal shedding. If you have a dry skin, don’t wash it with soap. A mild cleanser will do much better. Excessive scrubbing and washing is a no-no.
  • Combination skin. When you have a combination of all of the characteristics discussed above, then you fall into this category. For instance, your chin, nose, and forehead could be extremely oily and the rest of the face dry. Thus, you may end up with open pores and blackheads. While part of your face may look dry and rough, others could be full of natural oils and sebum. After cleaning your face with water and soap, apply a moisturizer on the dry parts only.

Skin Care Tips for Teenagers and Young Adults

The following skin care tips are recommended by Portland Beauty Schools. Follow them carefully for the best results:

  1. Wash Your Face

You should wash your face as soon as you wake up in the morning to clear it of the sweat and oil that would have accumulated as you slept at night. Instead of soap, a mild cleanser is the best. Avoid rubbing your face aggressively since it can irritate your skin and stimulate the production of excessive oil.

  1. Moisturize

It doesn’t matter how problematic your skin is. It should be moisturized. Use a light cream that doesn’t worsen issues such as spots and acne. To get rid of the gloss finish, use a moisturizer with a matte finish. A tinted moisturizer is great when you are going out.

  1. Avoid using powder on the face

It is a huge mistake to try hiding the gloss from oily skin using layers of powder. The effect of powder is to clog the pores and leave your skin looking patchy. It is best to use a tissue or blotting paper to absorb the shine and excess oil.

  1. Avoid Scrubs and Pore Strippers

Scrubs and pore strippers are hardly the best ways to remove blackheads. The best way to go about it is to religiously follow a cleansing routine. Try products with 2 percent salicylic acid. If you have access to a dermatologist, ask them for recommendations. At Portland Beauty School, we recommend that individuals under the age of 16 should go about this under an adult’s supervision.

  1. Use as Little Makeup as Possible

Use a little makeup only if you cleanse your skin before going to sleep. It is best to regularly wash makeup brushes. Teenage skin is too delicate and doesn’t require any form of foundation, given its heaviness. In the place of foundation, it is important to use a tinted moisturizer with a shade that’s as close to your skin tone as possible.

  1. Don’t Pop the Pimples

As tempting and irresistible as it might be, popping your pimples is never a solution. The only thing you will get out of it is unwanted scars that can last for a lifetime. It is best to apply some tea tree oil in water on the acne or pimples. Apart from clearing the infection, the treatment will get rid of all bacteria.

  1. Drink Plenty of Water

Your skin needs water to remain glowing and hydrated. Before you eat anything in the morning, take a glass of cold or warm water. As you go out to college, carry a bottle of water so that you can take a sip at regular intervals. If the taste of the water is too plain for your liking, add some slices of grapefruit, cucumber or lemon and leave it overnight. In the morning, it will be ready for use.

  1. Avoid Touching Your Face Unnecessarily

Your hands may look clean but they are not. If you keep touching your face, you may end up transferring harmful bacteria. To wipe your face, use only a clean, dry towel. All your makeup brushes should be washed regularly and do not share makeup and its accessories.

  1. Eat Right

Although acne and pimples may have very little to do with your diet, it is important that you eat healthy food. You will be able to keep your skin and overall health in good shape. To know if you have any food intolerance, monitor your diet. Avoid foods such as dairy, which cause eczema and severe acne breakouts.

  1. Exfoliate once a week

As a rule, don’t use a scrub bought from the store. Homemade scrubs work better when it comes to removing dead skin at least once a week. You may want to mix honey and sugar to prepare the homemade scrub. For sensitive skin, mix oatmeal with milk and honey.

At Summit Salon Academy, we recommend these measures for the lifelong health of your skin.

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